:: Sequoia Sempervirens

Deutsch: Küstenmammutbaum · English: Sequoia · Français : Séquoia à feuilles d'if · 日本語: セコイア、イチイモドキ、セコイアメスギ、セコイアスギ ·IUCN link: Sequoia sempervirens (D.Don) Endl. (Vulnerable)
ITIS link: Sequoia sempervirens (Lamb. ex D. Don) Endl.
See also: Sequoiadendron giganteum, Category:Redwood National Park, Category:Muir Woods National Monument

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1.1 Habitat and trees: native
1.1.1 Redwood National Park
1.1.2 Muir Woods National Monument
1.1.3 Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park
1.1.4 Humboldt Redwood State Park
1.1.5 Other or unknown
1.2 Habitat and trees: cultivated
1.3 Bark
1.4 Branches and foliage
1.5 Cones
1.6 'Albinism'
1.7 Bonsai
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